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Through the Working @Tech initiative, the Institute is committed to cultivating our employees’ well-being and providing opportunities for flexible work arrangements that support the Institute’s mission and value of serving students.  

Founded on our pursuit to lead by example, champion innovation, and maximize efficiency through the AdminX initiative, the Working @Tech Arrangement enables the Institute to provide enhanced reporting and analytics regarding how people work at Georgia Tech.  

Working @Tech Arrangement

Please note, while the Institute is committed to embracing flexibility, it is imperative that we prioritize the needs of our student population and recognize not all flexible options are guaranteed. 

General FAQs

Why do all full-time employees need to complete the Working @Tech Arrangement?

By collecting data from all full-time employees, we can have a broader awareness for the ways our employees are working across campus and understand what is happening across units. The data will assist the Institute in ensuring we are in compliance with employment laws in other states, as well as provide critical information needed for emergency and risk management planning. As responsible stewards of our State’s resources, it also provides opportunities to better understand space utilization and help direct employee engagement and retention efforts in the future.

As an employee how do I begin the process of completing the Working @Tech Arrangement?

As with most processes, we encourage you to have a conversation with your supervisor regarding your schedule and flexible work options. For tips on how to initiate the conversation, visit our Working @ Tech Toolkit. Once you and your supervisor have reached an agreement, you may begin the process and submit the form.

When does my Working @Tech Arrangement expire?

The Working @Tech Arrangement does not have an expiration date. Employees are required to update their arrangement form whenever there is a change in their work location and/or schedule.

I only come to campus as needed. Which option should I select?

If you occasionally come to campus without a defined schedule, you should select the telecommute and on-site option. Once the menu expands, you can indicate that you are only on campus as needed by selecting the "on-site as needed" option below the days of the week. For your work location, please select the space that most applies to where you would work if you came into the office.

If I have to telecommute one or two days out of the month due to emergency situations, do I fill out a new form each time?

The Working @Tech Arrangement is intended for your typical work schedule. We recognize emergencies arise and that employees and supervisors will need to exercise flexibility periodically with schedules. Therefore, if changes are happening rarely and only in emergencies, a new arrangement would not be needed.

The nature of my job requires that I move around campus and, as a result, I do not have an assigned workspace. What building should I select for my work location?

If you don't have an assigned workspace, please list the building you report to at the start of your shift or where your department is located.

I have multiple workspaces across campus. What building should I select for my work location?

If you have multiple workspaces, select the workspace you frequent most often.

Submission FAQs

How can I edit my former Working @Tech Arrangement?

If you need to make modifications to your arrangement, you will need to access the form and submit a new arrangement.

Do I need to save my approved Working @Tech Arrangement?

Yes, all employees should save or archive their currently approved Working @ Tech Arrangement received in their email for their records. Once a new arrangement is submitted and approved, you may delete your outdated arrangement(s).

My manager is listed incorrectly. What should I do?

At the end of the submission process, you will view a pop-up screen that asks you to verify your manager. If your manager is listed incorrectly, select “no” when asked if correct, and find your manager by typing their first or last name or username.

I have a dual appointment with two managers. How should I manage approval of my work arrangement?

If you have a dual appointment, best practice is to speak with both managers prior to submitting your Working @ Tech Arrangement. Your arrangement should be submitted to your manager on file within the OneUSG system. Once approved, forward your confirmation and schedule to your other manager for awareness.

I have a lot of direct reports. Is there a way to organize them into one folder in my inbox for easy access?

Yes! You can create a rule in Microsoft 365 to organize your emails into one folder. Please visit this aid for more information.

Thank you!

Thank you to the Working @Tech Arrangement Development Team and Working @Tech Institute Strategic Plan Committee

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