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Digitizing the Probationary Period Evaluation Process

Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) continues to transform the performance management process by adding the six-month probationary period evaluations to Performance Management @Tech. The live module will streamline the six-month probationary period evaluation process for all new hires, allowing supervisors and employees to document and track progress of job responsibilities and goals.  
Below you can learn more about the module and access all the resources available to help you navigate the digitized probation evaluation process. 

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The planning phase is the foundation of the entire process. In this phase, SMART goals and objectives are set for the performance period.

Goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Based) increase employee motivation and commitment to goal attainment, leading to greater success.



Regular communication is critical during the managing phase of the cycle. Through formal and informal conversations, both parties are kept abreast of progress toward the successful completion of goals and expectations. These discussions are also good opportunities to provide timely feedback and coaching.

Since the performance cycle spans several months, it is important to keep track of key performance highlights and challenges. These notes will help immensely when it’s time to discuss performance for the year.

Reviewing Results


At the conclusion of the cycle, both parties have a discussion to review performance for the year. If SMART goals have been set (planning phase) and ongoing communication and feedback has taken place (managing phase), both parties should have a productive performance review discussion.

The Annual Evaluation Form is available on the Forms page, under "Performance".

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When merit increases are available, employees may receive an increase to their annual base pay in accordance with their overall performance rating.

It is important to remember that performance increases should be based upon merit.

Rewards should be differentiated based upon overall performance ratings.


Support with the Performance Management @Tech New Module

For questions or issues about using the Performance Management Module: 

  • Call the Administrative Services Center (ASC) at 404-385-1111
  • Email
  • Submit a general HR inquiry through the ASC portal ( and indicate that your issue is related to Annual Performance Management & Goal Setting from the drop-down menu

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