Explanation of Taxes

The payroll taxes, sometimes called "FICA taxes" , are collected under authority of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). The FICA tax consists of two parts, Social Security Tax with is 6.2% of your Social Security Taxable earnings up to an annual limit provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA) plus Medicare Tax, 1.45% of your Medicare Taxable Earnings, no annual limit is imposed.  Every dollar that you contribute to FICA tax is matched dollar-for-dollar by your employer.  On your paystub, you will see the tax detailed by Medicare and OASDI - this is the legal term meaning Old Age Survivors Disability Insurance, which is actually the Social Security portion. So FICA is nothing more than the tax provisions of the Social Security Act, as they appear in the Internal Revenue Code.

Generally, a nonresident alien (NRA) is subject to U.S. tax on their United States-based income. Most types of U.S. income received by a foreign person are subject to U.S. tax of 30 percent. A reduced rate, including exemption, may apply if an Internal Revenue Code Section provides for a lower rate or if there is a tax treaty between the foreign person's country of residence and the United States. The tax is generally withheld (NRA withholding) from the payment made to the foreign person.

FED are Federal taxes paid to the Federal government.

How Do I Change My Withholdings?

How do I change my Federal Withholding (W-4) or Georgia State Withholding (G-4) allowances?

  • Go to the Payroll and Compensation Home page.
  • Select W-4 Tax Information (or G-4)
  • Make your new elections.
  • Click the Verify Identity button and re-enter your login and password again. This is to ensure the security of your tax data. Be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.
  • Click on Submit.
  • This change will be effective with the next available payroll.

How Do I Obtain My W-2?

Only W-2s since 2007 are stored online.

  • Go to the Payroll and Compensation home page.
  • Select Print W-2.
  • In the Calendar Year field, enter a year (from 2007 through the previous calendar year) in order to specify which W-2 will be printed.
  • Click the Verify Identity button.
  • Enter your Georgia Tech Account user ID and Kerberos password (the same login information used to login to HRMS 8.8 at the beginning of your session) and click the Login button.
  • On the Print W-2 page, click the Run Report button.
  • On the Security Information window, you will be asked if you wish to display non-secure items. Click the Yes button to continue processing.
  • Your W-2 information will be displayed. If you have specified a year in which you did not receive a W-2 from Georgia Tech, the following message will be displayed: No Employee Records Selected.
  • To properly print the W-2, click on the Adobe Acrobat printer icon (do not use the Print option available under the File menu). Click the OK button to send the W-2 information to the designated printer.

Form 1095-C

  • The Form 1095-C includes healthcare coverage offered to you by USG. It is not required to be filed with your 2016 taxes, but please retain it for your records.
  • The Form 1095-C documents healthcare coverage offered to you by USG. The 2017 Form will be delivered prior to the extension date of March 2, 2018. At this time, the IRS has not communicated if the Form has to be filed with your 2017 taxes.

You may also access your Form 1095-C online (through USG’s partnership with Equifax) via the Tax Form Management online portal; click here to learn how. This form is not accessible in TechWorks. For a listed of FAQs, click here.

Tax Resources

Need help withholding taxes? Below are tax forms and helpful resources.

Federal Tax Withholding
State Tax Withholding
  • State of Georgia G-4
    The State of Georgia does not support electronic changes to the G-4 State Tax Withholding form. To make changes to your G-4, print and complete the form and submit it to Payroll. 
  • State Tax Forms
    Simply click on the state, download the State Tax Form and submit it to Payroll - Mail Code 0435.
  • Federal Tax Withholding Calculator
  • Understanding Your W2
  • Notes:
    Georgia Tech is not registered in every state. Income tax is withheld in the state where you live and work. If you have questions concerning our tax registration, please contact or call Payroll at 404-894-4614.

    The State of Georgia does not have reciprocal agreements with any states. If you are working in Georgia, we must withhold Georgia income tax. If you are a resident of Tennessee, where there is no state income tax, you are mandated by law to pay Georgia income tax.‚Äč

Tax Return Information

Payroll will mail your tax documents to your U.S. address on file with Georgia Tech as of Jan. 31.  You can update your address by visiting TechWorks at any time.

  • W-2 Statement (taxable gross income)
  • 1042S (only if you receive the tax treaty benefit)
Federal Returns

You must decide if you need to complete the 1040NR-EZ and the 8843 Form which are included together in a booklet or 1040NR. Note: Check Georgia Tech's library for all tax forms.
For assistance, contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Atlanta: 404.522.0050
USA: 800.829.1040
International Questions: 202.874.1460

State Returns

Georgia State Tax Forms 500 and 500EZ
For assistance, contact the Georgia Department of Revenue (404.656.6286 or 404.656.409)

Tax Return Process
  • The deadline to complete the tax return process is April 15.
  • Nonresident aliens: The Office of International Education has purchased CINTAX, a tax return software system designed to assist nonresident aliens with their Federal tax returns.
  • Resident aliens and all other foreign nationals: Please seek advice of a tax advisor, Certified Public Accountant, or the Internal Revenue Service for any questions you may have.
  • NOTE: Georgia Tech does not provide any taxpayer advice.