Voluntary Deductions

Voluntary deductions are taken from your paycheck and directly deposited into specified accounts. All full-time, benefits-eligible employees are permitted to have voluntary deductions.

Change Your Voluntary Deductions

  • Go to the Payroll and Compensation home page.
  • Select Voluntary Deductions.
  • To view or change an established voluntary deduction, click the Edit button for the appropriate row.

Load Your BuzzCard

  • Enter the amount to be deducted from each payroll (e.g., once a month for monthly and every two weeks for biweekly).
  • The amount will be deposited to your BuzzCard account by payday.
  • There is a $10 minimum deduction necessary. Please make your deduction in whole dollars only.

State Employee Credit Union

Benefits-eligible employees and graduate students of Georgia Tech can become members of the Georgia United Credit Union. 

You must have an active credit union account prior to electing payroll deduction. For more information, visit the credit union online.

529 Savings Plans

You must have an active 529 account prior to electing payroll deduction. This election is available to all Georgia Tech faculty and staff.