Student employees are a critical component to the Institute’s ability to deliver on its mission. Throughout the academic year, Georgia Tech employs more than 9,000 student employees with a majority of these students being hired at the start of the fall semester. And if you have ever hired a student employee, you know there are several important steps involved in the hiring and onboarding process.  

Since opening less than a year ago, the Administrative Services Center (ASC) has been dedicated to analyzing the student hiring process and developing innovative solutions to improve the experience. This includes partnering with Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) and others to develop new and improved guides and toolkits for hiring students. 

Hiring managers and their support HR/finance/administrative staff are encouraged to be prepared and familiarize themselves with these new and helpful resources in advance of hiring a student. In doing so, you can help save time and promote a seamless experience for all involved – including you and your student employee. 

Below are several tips and resources to help aid in the hiring and onboarding of student employees. 

  1. Submit requests to hire students using the eRequest Form as early as possible. For students who will be working the whole academic year, go ahead and hire them for the whole year. Managers are no longer required to hire student employees on a semester-by-semester basis. 

  1. To avoid the need to process retroactive payments, make sure your student worker does not start working before their official start state.  

  1. Be mindful of payroll schedules to help ensure timely payment. The 2023 schedule is located here.

  1. Familiarize yourself with onboarding requirements here. All Georgia Tech employees are required to comply with the Form I-9 work authorization requirements, and non-compliant student employees may not be permitted to work. Students can complete their in-person onboarding requirements, including completing Form I-9, at the ASC located at 500 Tech Parkway or during the Student Employee Onboarding event being held Aug. 16 – 18 in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons. 

    Read more about Student Employment Process Tips here.

In addition, there is information located on the ASC portal that is designed to walk you through key processes including: 

  • Submitting a Direct Hire eRequest provides step-by-step instructions on submitting an eRequest  
  • Direct Hire eRequest Unit level Report provides real-time access to the status of student hires from start to finish. 

Other Helpful Resources
The Resources for Student Employers webpage includes: 

The Student Onboarding webpage includes detailed instructions on onboarding newly hired student employees including completing the required in-person onboarding. 

The Student Employment Eligibility Policy provides guidance to campus hiring units by outlining the eligibility criteria for each type of student job used to employ and pay students at Georgia Tech. Additionally, it clarifies situations when eligibility or maximum allowed employment hours may vary.  

If you have questions about hiring and onboarding student employees, contact the ASC today. Your HR Partner is also available to answer your questions and help you navigate the process.