Earlier this year, Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) and the Administrative Services Center (ASC) began partnering with the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) to strengthen the integration of GTRI’s human resources teams and the campuswide HR service delivery model. This work is part of a multiyear, cross-functional effort to transform our approach to our workforce by creating a holistic, people-focused strategy that provides consistent, dynamic services across the Institute. This integration aligns with the strategic goal to achieve administrative excellence by rethinking and retooling how our administrative services are performed across centralized functions and campus units.    

Effective July 1, the following structural enhancements were implemented to help further this partnership and deliver on this goal: 

  1. GTRI Organizational Development reports to GTHR’s Employee Experience team.   

  1. GTRI Research Faculty Recruiting and Student Recruiting & Programs report to the ASC Talent Services team. 

  1. GTRI HR Consulting Services, including Temporary Employment Services, continues to report directly to GTRI with dual line reporting to GTHR’s HR Business Partner team. 

  1. Employee Performance, Recognition, and Wellness remains reporting to GTRI and will be embedded in GTRI HR Services.  

While the Organizational Development and Recruiting teams began reporting to new units on July 1, they will continue to support and serve GTRI while working alongside their new teams to share best practices and thought leadership across the organization. Looking ahead, the teams will work with leadership in the ASC, GTHR, and GTRI, as well as clients, to identify and explore opportunities for continued process enhancements. Input and engagement from all stakeholders will be essential.  

What This Means for GTRI Employees  

The new structure will enable both GTRI and the broader Institute to:   

  • Enable subject matter expertise oversight of candidate recruiting to ensure GTRI meets high-volume hiring targets needed to sustain growth.   

  • Enable alignment to Institute-wide employee learning, development, and experience initiatives while ensuring GTRI receives the level of support required for its business model.   

  • Align skills, knowledge, and functions to drive best practices and capabilities to support learning, development, and recruiting across the enterprise.  

Throughout this integration, the top priority is to maintain business continuity and enable GTRI’s research productivity. After July 1, the Organizational Development and Recruiting teams will continue to utilize their GTRI email and have access to GTRI technology systems and buildings so they can continue to support GTRI. Any updates to service delivery, the way labs request services, and other processes will be communicated to GTRI through Troy Littles, GTRI chief operating officer, and the executive leadership team.