As a champion of innovation, Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) is transforming the way we conduct interviews. 

Beginning this week, GTHR will pilot the use of HireVue, a video interviewing  platform that provides recorded, one-way (on demand) interviews for job applicants. This platform simplifies how hiring mangers engage, screen, and hire talent by creating a streamlined process with automated workflows. 

During this initial pilot, GTHR will use this platform to support interviewing for vacancies in GTHR and the Administrative Services Center (ASC). HireVue may be expanded to other departments once the pilot phase is complete.

How HireVue Works

HireVue provides on-demand digital interviews that can be recorded by candidates at any time and with any device. They can be viewed by hiring managers and search committee members at any time convenient to them.

Watch HireVue Video

Watch the overview to see how candidates and hiring managers will engage with the HireVue talent experience platform.

The main benefits to using HireVue include: 

  • Flexibility for candidates (to record their interview at any time) and hiring managers/committee members (to review recorded interviews at any time). 

  • More inclusive search experience by increasing the number of candidates in the initial interview step. 

  • Standardized and optimized approach that allows search committees time to analyze and gain insight into candidates’ skills and experience, and capture feedback after reviewing recorded video interviews. 

  • Opportunity to screen more people in less time, gain important information, and make more informed hiring decisions.

Next Steps

In the days to come, GTHR will connect with HR and ASC hiring managers to share training opportunities, job aids, and other resources. 

For more information about HireVue or questions regarding this initial pilot, contact Lacey Pinkney-Page, GTHR Program & Portfolio Manager, at