Employment Classifications

All jobs are categorized by an employment classification determined by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Learn more Georgia Tech Human Resources works within FLSA guidelines in evaluating the employment classifications of all staff and faculty positions. This takes place during the creation, or reclassification of positions.

These classifications are based on several factors such outlined in the federal regulations and Board of Regents rules as the actual job duties outlined in the job description, as well as the salary.

Exempt Employee

  • Not eligible for overtime 
  • Must record exceptions to work (sick, vacation, jury duty, bereavement, etc.)  

Non-Exempt Employee

  • Eligible for overtime 
  • Must record all hours worked in addition to absences
  • Non-exempt employees must be paid for all hours worked.

How is Exemption determined?

Exemption is based on qualifying for all three of the following:

  • Salary Basis: Employee must be paid on an annual salary basis;

  • Minimum Salary Threshold Test: Employees must be paid above a salary threshold amount set by the Department of Labor; and
  • Duty Tests: Employee must qualify as an Executive, Administrative, Professional, Computer Professional or other specialized dualities test.
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Guidance Regarding Exemption

Travel Time

Managing compensation for travel time for overtime-eligible employees can be challenging. To help you accurately track, calculate and report travel time, Georgia Tech Human Resources has developed a general guidance document. GTHR encourages managers and employees to consult with a human resources representative for specific guidance before travel occurs.   

Travel Time Guidelines for Non-exempt Employees

Calculating Overtime

When calculating overtime, it is important to note that overtime is based on the number of hours worked in the workweek, not the pay period. Hours that are not actually worked (holidays, sick, vacation, etc.) do not count towards calculating overtime.  

Overtime must be approved in advance by the supervisor. The supervisor may also adjust the schedule within the same work week to manage overtime.