HR Events

  • Jun 4

    Mental Health: Recognize and Respond (for Managers)


    Every manager has a legal, business, and moral responsibility to be proactive in helping support their employees during times of need. The aim of this session is to help you to recognize signs of concern and respond appropriately. Presented by KEPRO. 

    At the end of this session participants will be able to:
    • Emphasize why mental health awareness is important
    • Understand mental health and different conditions
    • Recognize signs of concern
    • Establish strategies for having a conversation with an employee in need of support
    • Learn how to manage in a crisis

  • Jun 10

    Well-being Wednesday


    Well-being Wednesday will raise awareness about health, stress, and disease to motivate you to make significant changes that will reduce health risks and enhance the quality of your life. You can participate in as many webinars as you wish! You can earn $15 towards your well-being credits by attending three (3) workshops, twice a year.

  • Jun 11

    Education Assistance


    Georgia Tech offers education assistance programs for faculty and staff, including the USG’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and Tech’s own Staff Tuition Reimbursement Assistance Program (STRAP). While these programs are designed to help you excel in your educational pursuits, policies and guidelines for using these benefits can seem confusing. This workshop aims to clarify the TAP/STRAP programs and break down policies with step-by-step guidelines. All interested employees are encouraged to attend. Presented by Georgia Tech Human Resources Work-Life Specialist Candice Bovian.

  • Jun 16

    Say What You Mean the Right Way


    Have you ever been misunderstood? In this session, we will identify barriers to clear communication as well as discuss how to apply tips for effective communication and dealing with difficult conflict. Presented by KEPRO.

    You do not need to register in advance to attend KEPRO Online Seminars at a set time. Seminars will be prerecorded and uploaded on the date above. At any time while viewing the Online Seminar, if you have questions about the seminar, please type them into the "Ask a question" box located to the left of the video window. You will receive an emailed answer within five business days.

  • Jun 18

    Be Well: Earn $50 Wellbeing Credits Today


    Better health is rewarding in more ways than one. In addition to helping you develop healthy habits, you can earn up to a $100 well-being credit for participating in USG Well-being programs. Come learn how to get your $100 credits before the program ends!
    Presented by Candice Bovian, GTHR Work Life Specialist.

  • Jun 23

    Mental Health: Recognize and Respond (for Employees)


    We all have a role to play in helping to normalize conversations around mental health and contribute towards a respectful and supportive work environment where colleagues feel able to share concerns in an open way. As such, it is important that every employee has the confidence and competence to recognize if a colleague is behaving in a concerning way and know how to intervene in an appropriate and effective way,
    taking every opportunity to bring this subject out in the open and commit to making a difference.

  • Jun 29

    Money Mondays: Strategies to Eliminate Debt for Financial Success


    Money Mondays are monthly financial education workshops that provide guidance and retirement planning as well as education on saving, investing, debt management and planning for the unexpected. Money Mondays will count toward your well-being credit!
    $25 for 3 workshops ($50 annual cap)