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Understanding Job Structures

  • Learn About the Job Structure Changes
  • What is the JCCS?
  • Where can I view my job description?

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Understanding Your Salary

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  • What should I know about my salary?
  • Is there room for growth?

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Understanding Job Status

  • What does exemption status mean?
  • What is FLSA?

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Contractor vs. Employee

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Prior to engaging any individual for services as an independent contractor an assessment based on IRS guidelines must be made and documented. The department must complete the “Employee – Contractor Checklist” form located here.

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Compensation for Managers

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  • Comp Time / Timekeeping
  • Pay Classifications
  • Employees & Exemption Status
  • Independent Contractor vs. Employee

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Service Level Agreements


The Compensation Team strives to complete all requests in a timely manner. Due to the significant volume of request please allow us to process the request within the service level agreement.

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