As a Georgia Institution, Georgia Tech is one of the 28 schools under the University System of Georgia (USG) umbrella. Your health and welfare benefits are provided through USG, which includes healthcare, dental, vision, and retirement plan options for employees working 30 hours per week or more on a regular basis. All USG employees are covered by workers’ compensation, and certain employees also qualify for Social Security participation.

Your USG benefits are administered through OneUSG Connect. You may elect, change, view, or request support through the OneUSG Connect – Benefits website or OneUSG Connect – Benefits Call Center.

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Benefits Resources

Benefits Will be Effective

  • The date of hire if hired on the first day of the month (e.g., July 1 or Aug. 1)
  • The first day of the following month if the hire date is any day other than the first (e.g., July 2 or Aug. 13)

Benefits Eligibility

There are three types of employees and types of employment that are used to determine benefits eligibility.

  • Full Benefits Eligible: This is defined as 30 or more hours per week or .75 FTE and greater, which applies to regular faculty and regular staff employees. Full benefits include all benefits in accordance with University System of Georgia of Board of Regents policy 8.2.9 Insurance.
  • Partial Benefits Eligible: This is defined as 20 to 29 hours per week or .5 FTE to .74 FTE. Partial benefits eligible may apply to regular faculty and regular staff employees. Partial benefits include retirement and pro-rated leave accruals.
  • Non-Benefits Eligible: This is defined as 19 or less hours per week (.49 FTE or less), which applies to regular faculty and staff employees. Non-benefits eligible also includes temporary faculty, staff, and student employees who may not work more than 1,300 hours in a 12 month period as defined later in this policy. Students may not be placed into a regular status.

Life Event Changes

If you experience a life event, such as marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child, you may be eligible to make changes to your current benefit elections. To make changes, visit the OneUSG Connect - Benefits website (accessible via TechWorks, click the doctor icon). Per IRS regulations, benefit changes are normally allowed only during the annual enrollment period between October and November. However, certain changes to your family or work status, may allow you to make mid-year benefit changes. Regulations require changes be made within 30 days of your life changing event, which is also the effective date of your benefit changes. If you are changing your name, click here.

When you have a qualified life event, may make any change related to the life event — for example, if you have a baby, you may add the new child to your plan but you cannot add a spouse. Changes not made within 30 days of the event will have to wait until annual enrollment. Visit the OneUSG Connect - Benefits website for a list of qualified life events.

Additional Georgia Tech Benefits

Delta Dental HMO
Offered provided through Delta Dental. To enroll, use OneUSG Connect – Benefits to select this plan within your first 30 days or during Open Enrollment. View the plan or access the claim form.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was created by the federal government to make medical insurance available to all Americans. Beginning January 1, 2014, the ACA requires all individuals to have health insurance coverage. Employees who do not have insurance through their workplace or a government plan such as Medicare can enroll in insurance through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

  • This notice is provided to all Georgia Tech faculty, staff, student, and temporary employees upon hiring. View USG Notice
  • The Health Insurance Marketplace is designed to help individuals find health insurance that meets their needs and budget. Visit The Marketplace