Learning & Development

The Workplace Learning & Professional Development team gets excited about learning. We are exceptionally passionate and recognize individual and organizational success is advanced through learning.

Employees who are constantly developing themselves by increasing knowledge and improving skills are empowered employees. Empowered employees take pride in their work, cultivate their career progression, and value their colleagues and customers.

As our workforce becomes more empowered through learning, productivity and innovation will only continue to rise.

Our team is dedicated to advancing Georgia Tech’s mission and our community members’ career potential through engaging and applicable learning. We believe our job begins from the moment each new faculty and staff member is hired, and continues throughout his or her time at the Institute. We believe that effective individuals and organizations never stop learning, and we are constantly seeking inventive and engaging ways to make that learning convenient and enjoyable.

Our current range of learning and professional development services include:

  • The New Employee Experience at Georgia Tech
  • Blended online learning and full E-Learning Tutorials
  • Georgia Tech Systems and Technology Training
  • Competency based courses in our defined learning series

Contact us to learn more about our full range of learning analysis, design, development and facilitation services, or review the Course Catalog to review the regularly scheduled classes that are available to meet your professional learning needs.