Job Structures

All positions at Georgia Tech are a part of the Job Classification and Compensation System (JCCS). All positions include a structure, title, pay range and tier, and pay grade. 

  • Job structures: Grouping of job grades with similar characteristics
  • Titles: Should give a sense as to level​
    Working titles are sometimes necessary for outward facing roles. Working titles are permissible on the business card, letterhead, etc. provided they do not misrepresent the work the employee does. Any working title that is used must be approved by the Vice Provost, Vice President, Dean, or higher in the unit you are in. 
  • Ranges & Tiers: Reflect the minimum and maximum pay
  • Pay Grades: Ways to group jobs with similar work


What is a Salary Structure?
A salary structure is the structure of salary grades and ranges within an organization. Georgia Tech uses five staff structures; Administrative, Crafts & Skilled Trades, Development, Information Technology, and Science & Research Support.

Why would ranges move?
Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) reviews external market competitiveness of our salary ranges. As the general economy has improved, ranges are being adjusted to stay competitive in our labor market. 

Where can I see the current salary grade range structure? Jobs and pay grades are available on Georgia Tech Human Resources’ website at