Life Insurance

The University System of Georgia offers Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance coverage and the option to obtain additional Supplemental Life and AD&D insurance, Critical Illness, and Permanent Whole Life insurance for the employee, their spouse, and eligible dependents.


Regular, full-time/part-time faculty or staff who work at least 30 hours per week.

Effective Date of Coverage

The USG employer-paid Basic Life and AD&D Insurance through Minnesota Life for all eligible employees in the amount of $25,000 for both policies.

The $25,000 Basic Life and Basic AD&D insurance is effective on your date of hire. You must designate a beneficiary during New Employee Experience (NEE) or by submitting your Minnesota Life Beneficiary Designation form to Georgia Tech Human Resources, located at 500 Tech Parkway, Atlanta, GA, upon your date of hire. If you need to change your beneficiary after your new hire period, you may do so via your TechWorks Self Service account.

Supplemental Life Insurance Options

University System of Georgia Minnesota Employee Supplemental Life
Employees are able to enroll in Supplemental Life and AD&D insurance in multiples of their salary for up to the lesser of eight times their annual salary or $2.5 million. Guarantee issue for new hires is up to three times of their annual salary. The coverage amount is rounded to the next highest $1,000 and has a $2.5 million maximum. Premiums are based on age and salary. View Life Insurance rates.

Employees covered under the USG Minnesota Life Supplemental Life and AD&D insurance are eligible for the following Minnesota Life Benefits:

You have the option to elect Supplemental Life Insurance for yourself, your spouse, or eligible dependents. Supplemental Life insurance elections are effective the first of the month following your date of hire.

Dependent Life Insurance Options
You can buy supplemental life insurance for your eligible/covered dependents through Minnesota Life. You can choose to cover your spouse, children or both.

  • Spouse coverage options are available in amounts from $10,000 to $500,000. Your spouse will need to show proof of good health for amounts over $50,000.
  • Child(ren) coverage options are available in the amounts of $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000. No EOI is required.

Supplemental Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
You can buy supplemental AD&D insurance in amounts of $10,000 to $500,000. Coverage is available for you alone or you and your family. For more information on these benefits and the rates for coverage, view the life insurance at-a-glance overview.

Critical Illness Policy

The USG Critical Illness plan, offered by Aflac, provides cash benefits when an insured person is diagnosed with or treated for a covered critical illness. The plan provides a lump-sum benefit to help with out-of-pocket medical expenses and living expenses that can accompany a covered critical illness. The benefit is paid directly to you, unless you choose otherwise. Learn more here.

  • You may elect $10,000 or $20,000 for your coverage.
  • Your spouse is eligible to be covered for half the amount of the coverage that you elect ($5,000 or $10,000).
  • Access the Aflac beneficiary form here

You may reach Aflac at 1-800-433-3036 or visit

Unum Whole Life Insurance

Employees have the opportunity to add to your family's protection by purchasing Permanent Whole Life Insurance. Aside from providing death benefits to your beneficiaries, Permanent Whole Life Insurance builds cash value that you can utilize while you are still alive. Your premiums remain the same level as the day you applied (as long as you pay premiums on time). Unlike term life insurance policies, which often end when you leave your job, Permanent Whole Life Insurance offers coverage you can take with you - even after you retire. In addition to a death benefit, this plan offers:

  • Coverage for your spouse, children and/or grandchildren. Totally disabled dependents are not eligible for guarantee issue protection.
  • A guaranteed level premium that will not increase due to your age.
  • Guarantee issue limit will be provided by your Unum enrollment counselor. 
  • Coverage is portable — you can take your policy with you if you leave Georgia Tech and carry your life insurance coverage into your retirement.
  • Optional Long-term Care benefit provides benefits if a physician certifies the insured is functionally impaired and requires Long-term Care provided through nursing home care, assisted living facility, home health care, or adult day care.*
  • For current enrollees wishing to increase coverage, any portion of the guarantee issue limit will be available on a guarantee issue basis at open enrollment; for amounts greater than the guarantee issue limit, evidence of insurability will be required.
  • For previously eligible employees who declined coverage but now wish to enroll, evidence of insurability will be required for any amount of coverage. 

You may reach Unum at 1-800-635-5597 to cancel your policy at any time. 

*This rider is not available in CA, FL, NY, and WA.


The cost of Supplemental Life insurance is paid entirely by the employee and varies based on which plan you select, the age of the covered individual, and whether or not they smoke. Dependent child life insurance rates vary based on plan selection.

2016 Rates 

Academic Prepayments

Employees on an academic pay cycle have a unique deduction schedule that prorates the summer insurance premiums over the last five paychecks of the academic year (January through May). This schedule was implemented to avoid making a triple deduction in the May paycheck to cover benefits for the months of June and July. The advance deductions for summer benefit coverage is listed separately on the paycheck and is equal to an additional 40% of the regular monthly deduction for medical, dental, dependent life, and supplemental life.

Changes to Your Beneficiaries

To change your basic and/or supplemental beneficiary designations, you will need to login to your TechWorks account and use the Self Service feature. Select Benefits Home, then Insurance Summary. To change your Basic Life Beneficiary, select “Life,” and select “Supplemental Life” for employee supplemental life. If you do not list a beneficiary for your policies, in the event of death, Minnesota Life files the claim against your estate. You are automatically the beneficiary for your dependent life policies.

Changes to Your Elections

If you do not elect life insurance coverage within your first 30 days of hire, any future elections will occur during the annual open enrollment period, and all amounts will require the submission of an Evidence of Insurability Form. If you do not elect life insurance coverage within your first 30 days of hire, any future elections will occur during the annual open enrollment period or when you experience a Family Status Change, and all amounts will require the submission of an Evidence of Insurability Form. If you wish to cancel your life insurance election at any time throughout the year, please refer to the Forms section to complete the change form for your specific life insurance plan.

Additional Plan Information 

If you elect Supplemental Life insurance within the first 30 days from your date of hire, you will not be required to submit a Evidence of Insurability form. If you elect Supplemental Life insurance during the annual open enrollment, as a result of a qualifying family change, you will be required to submit a Evidence of Insurability form for each covered person and the form must be reviewed and approved by the provider before the coverage is in effect. You can obtain the Evidence of Insurability form in the Forms section of this site.